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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  December 7, 2015 5:30am-6:00am CST

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first on 13... downtown workers are having to find a different way in to the office this morning. today des moines' skywalk system gets a serious switch-up. it's all to make way for a new convention center hotel... but it'll mean a little longer, colder walk for many. channel 13's josh nguyen is live downtown this morning to sort all the detours out for you. good
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des moines fire crews are wrapping up fighting flames this morning. crews were called to this home in the 9-hundred block of 40th place about an hour ago. that's after flames ignited from the home's attic and spread. everyone was able to get out safely. bad electrical equipment is believed to have sparked the flames. we now know the names of those involved in a deadly des moines home invasion. it happened inside a home at 20-20 east 14th street saturday. police say they found 31-year old travis alan williams of earlham dead inside. investigators say williams entered the home and the people inside shot him. they are 19 year old ali cano and his
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they told police they didn't know williams. officers say if their lives were in danger, they had a right to self- defense. police continue to investigate. martin o'malley is headed to the metro this morning... the democratic candidate will stop at the windsor heights community center today to talk with aarp members. he then wraps up his day with stops in viton and cedar rapids. o'malley is currently in third place... with two percent of democrats' support. meanwhile republican carly fiorina is talking technology. she'll be at a tech town hall in cedar rapids this afternoon. tomorrow she'll be in the metro... she plans to speak to employees at american enterprise group. that's tomorrow morning at 8-30. another political leader is under fire this morning... joni ernst made the mistake of wrongly congratulating the hawkeyes saturday night... she tweeted saying quote " congrats hawkeye football on the big win"
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accident... and later apologized for what she called a "staff error." of course hawk fans only wish she had been right... after a nail-biting match- up... ended inches short of victory. michigan state took its first lead in the third quarter... 9-6... until cj beathrd unleashed a missle to tevaun smith. 85 yard touchdown. iowa back up, 13-9. but the spartans responded with a 9- minute, 22 play drive down the field.... it ended with a 1-yard touchdown reach with 30 seconds left. iowa literally stopped inches away from the college football playoff. here's how that shook things up in the rankings. iowa, one spot out of the top four in fifth... clemson stays at 1, alabama 2, michigan state moves to 3rd after beating iowa
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but...the hawks stay above ohio state in the rankings and thus earn the rose bowl bid...they'll take on pac 12 champion stanford, which makes its third appearance there in four years. the game is set for new years day in pasadena, california. kickoff is 4:10 central time. tons :00 - :13 390016 to play in any bowl, new years day bowl is great. to play in the rose bowl is really special if you coach in the big ten. every game is important, to win this one would be a great accomplishment. we also know it's going to be a great challenge. this will be iowa's 6th appearance in the rose bowl, but their first in 25 years. and its been even longer since iowa won the rose bowl, hayden fry led the hawks to 3 rose bowls but lost all 3. the last win came back in 1959 when forest evashevski was coach and des moines roosevelt grad, randy duncan, was at quarterback., tickets go on sale tomorrow... they range in price from 150 to 185 -
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a dense fog advisory is in effect until 9 am for parts of the state including the metro. fog is thick in spots this morning, so use caution and low beam headlights while driving. the fog will likely remain in place through the morning commute as well, so allow some extra time, especially for longer trips. temperatures this afternoon will be in the 40s to around 50 degrees in des moines. more beautiful weather will follow with highs in the 50s for much of the week. a storm system draws in cooler weather over the weekend into next week. there is a chance for rain on saturday and a
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's
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report. plus, nasa is proving the third time is not the charm... but the
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and on the heels of the president's address... more plans to squelch growing terror threats. coming up, we'll tell you how the secretary of homeland security
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ather n iowa thi year,for themost part went prtty well accrdinto state limatologist harry hillaker. a fairy warm nd dry spring allow for timely planing, fairly distributed preciitation fell during the summer with litle excessive heat, then a really long dry spell in th fall helped famers wi dryin and harvesng crops. hillaker says, "a lile bit on the warr side, but ot negative effects from that. and on the rainfall side of things most of the state quite bit wetter than usual. the exceptions wil be the far northeast and southeast corners of thstate especially the northeast, which was drier than normal much of the season. but for the most part relavely wet ea, andjust littl bi the arm side." hilker says the most abnormal part
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th warmest november in 143ars ofcords. also, the seventh ttest november records you ve to back to 1992 to find a wetter vemberh at we just came through and yet in the midst of unusually warm november we had a jor snow storback onvember 20th, which wastlly the biggest snow event
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our top story... downtown
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steps to take today... the city is shutting a down a portion of it's skywalk system -- from watson powell junior way to the convention center. detours have been put in to get walkers around. it's all to make way for a new 330-room convention center hotel. the skywalk stretch is not set to reopen until spring of 2018. des moines fire crews are were busy fighting flames this morning. crews were called to this home in the 9-hundred block of 40th place around 4 a-m. flames ignited from the home's attic and spread. everyone was able to get out safely. tackling growing terror threats tops the agenda for world leaders today... the head of homeland security
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efforts. secretary jeh johnson will speak today about current efforts to battle growing terror threats and the agency's priorities. at a defense and national security conference in washington, dc today. he'll talk johnson will also meet with muslim leaders to discuss civil rights and civil liberties. that comes after president obama addressed the nation last night -- saying freedom is more powerful than fear. "let's make sure we never forget what makes us exceptional. let's not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear." president obama discussed what he called the "new phase of terrorism"... meanwhile calling muslim-americans "our biggest allies." he did touch on gun control... saying law enforcement can't identify "every would-be mass shooter" -- but they can make it "harder for them to kill." we're expecting to learn more this morning about last week's mass
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last week fourteen people were killed, 21 others wounded when police say a husband and wife opened fire inside a social services center... the two shooters later died in a shootout with police. investigators are calling it an act of terrorism. they plan to update the investigation today. the department of justice says it will be taking a closer look at a controversial chicago police department. the move follows weeks of uproar over police video showing the shooting of laquan mcdonald. the justice department says it's now launching a pattern-and- practice investigation of chicago's police department. the probe will look for patterns of unconstitutional practices like excessive force or biased policing. the same type of inquiry was conducted in ferguson and baltimore. nasa is proving the fourth time may be the charm this morning.
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it successfully launched a spacecraft from cape canaveral florida yesterday evening. lift off was originally scheduled for thursday.... but weather conditions delayed the launch three times. the spacecraft is now in the process of delivering 74-hundred pounds of supplies for the international space station. still ahead... the boom ricocheted through town... and left a 2-acre hole in the downtown skyline... coming up, filling the hole... hear why it's back to the drawing board for the old ymca lot. skywalk shutdown... take note,
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skywalk shutdown... take note, des moines residents... your route through the skywalk system may be changing... hear how the closures are changing skyline.
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months after the old riverfront
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